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Function with Signals & Slots | Qt Forum @gabor53 You should read again about Qt signals/slots. They are used for asynchronous communication and to react on user interactions. That means if you connect the clicked() signal of a button to a slot that slot will be called when user presses the button. Can Qt signals return a value? - ExceptionsHub

The QDialog class is the base class of dialog windows. A dialog window is a top-level window mostly used for short-term tasks and brief communications with the user. QDialogs may be modal or modeless. QDialogs can provide a return value, and they can have default buttons. How Qt Signals and Slots Work - Part 3 - Queued and Inter ... DirectConnection: call the slot as seen in Part 1 */ So in this blog post we will see what exactly happens in queued_activate and other parts that were skipped for the BlockingQueuedConnection. Qt Event Loop. A QueuedConnection will post an event to the event loop to eventually be handled. How to Use QPushButton - Qt Wiki

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实现类似于Qt的Signal和Slot通讯机制,signalslot Signal和Slot机制 其是qt提供的对象间通讯机制。 ... template < typename T> struct TypeTraits { typedef T type_value; ... Qt Get Slot Return Value - gveasia.com Capturing variablesOK. So, I did a little more investigating. Seems this is possible. I was able to emit a signal, and receive value from the slot the signal was ..your intent schema in qt get slot return value the interaction model doesn't look correct. 连接Qt 5中的过载信号和插槽 - Connecting overloaded ...

Can Qt signals return a value? - ExceptionsHub

The following example writes "Hello, World!" using signals and slots. First, we create a signal sig , a signal that takes no arguments and has a void return value.

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c++ - Can Qt signals return a value? - Stack Overflow Boost.Signals allows various strategies of using the return values of slots to form the return value of the signal. E.g. adding them, forming a vector out of them, or returning the last one.. The common wisdom (expressed in the Qt documentation [EDIT: as well as some answers to this question ]) is that no such thing is possible with Qt signals.. However, when I run the moc on the following ... Getting a return value from an emitted signal | Qt Forum Qt::DirectConnection 1 The slot is invoked immediately, when the signal is emitted. So I thought I could do something like i wrote above. If I well understood so the problem is that I cannot make any assumptions on if the return statement of the slot will be executed before the use of the variable in the plugin. c++ - QT return value from a signal? - Stack Overflow I'm doing this by connecting up signals and slots for the methods. However now I need to ... Stack Overflow new. ... QT return value from a signal? ... And finally at one point in my application I want to query the SQLite db for some info and receive a return value: (still inside MainWindow)

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Mar 13, 2016 ... 2000) where signals are named signalFoo() and slots are named slotFoo(). This way I know ... We leave out the return type so void is inferred. How to Expose a Qt C++ Class with Signals and Slots to QML - Felgo This guide shows how to enhance your C++ class with signals and slots for usage with ... No further adjustments are required to receive the return value in QML. Signals and slots - BlackBerry Native

Connect Qt signals and slots between C++ and QML. Konzolové programy v Qt 4 – 3 (TCP server) V tomto díle si ukážeme, jak za použití modulu QtNetwork naprogramovat jednoduchý TCP server. Qt na mobilních zařízeních